Graduation Invitation Wording

With great pride
we send this graduate in the future
You are invited to a Graduation Party
Matthew Smith
hosted by his Parents
Bill and Mary Smith
June fourteenth at four o'clock
We've watched her grow
and now we elate
that it's time
to see her graduate!
You are invited to the
Graduation party
Marissa Kent
June fourteenth at four o'clock
Class of 2010
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson
are proud to announce
The graduation of their daughter
Please join us to share
in the celebration
of the commencement exercises
June seventeenth at five o'clock
Let's get together
and toast the grad
after a short four years
there's fun to be had!
You are invited to a graduation Party
Chloe Smith
June fourteenth at four o'clock
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Smith
request the pleasure of your
at a Graduation Celebration
In honor of their daughter
Chloe Jane
on, Saturday June Ninth
at five o'clock
There is a surprise to be had
for the graduate!
Let's get together
and share last memories
before Jane heads off to College!
Please join us to celebrate the accomplishments,
the achievements and the graduate herself
Be our guest at a Graduation Party
Marissa Kent
Saturday April 24, 2010
at 4:00
The time has come to celebrate
the achievements of our daughter.
Please help us to celebrate
this proud occasion
with a party in her honor
being hosted by her parents
James and Kate
June fourteenth at four o'clock
Class of 2010
Please help us to
honor and celebrate
our daughter
as she graduates
Join us for a dinner party
May fourteenth
Five o'clock
Johnson Estate
Hip, hip, hooray
there is a graduate today!
Please join us
at a dinner to celebrate.
June fourteenth at four o'clock

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